Thursday, September 23, 2010

The stimulus to implement "Right to Education" act

I had been having this idea for some time now. There has been so much noise being made on the importance of voting during the elections and how it will help elect the right candidates (without criminal backgrounds etc). But how many people amongst the ones who vote are really aware of the background of the candidates who are contesting in the elections? Or rather I should put it this way. How many of people amongst the ones who vote are learned enough to read/understand the background of the people they are voting for? I guess not many. Then how can we expect people to elect the right representatives for themselves.

We cannot clean up this system without our people getting educated and all of them. We have definitely made a start when we passed the "Right to Education" bill. But are we sure that it will be implemented? Do we have enough infrastructure to provide education to each and every child in the age group of 6-14 years? As of now, I don't think we have enough schools in our country to implement the "Right to Education". So, are our politicians doing or will be doing enough to provide the infrastructure for this. I am a little skeptical here. Many of them would want that the people remain ignorant so that they can play their dirty politics and instill their own ideas into the minds of the poor uneducated people. I have an idea here.

The right to vote should be conditional. Yes, on the conditional that the person has acquired minimum amount of education. Of course, the person has to be above 18 years of age too. I know this would be unfair to may people who have already voted and have not had enough education in their childhood.

So let me put it this way. All the people who will be reaching the age of 18 years after 2020 will be eligible to vote only if they have completed minimum primary education. The older people who were above 18 before 2020 can vote without this minimum education condition. This will have two advantages. One, it will sure that the people who are voting are atleast educated to the primary level so that they can read and understand the manifestoes and the campaigning banners and also read the backgrounds of the candidates which I hope will be published by the newspapers, which ultimately will help clean up the system. And two, the infracture required for implementation of "Right to Education" will be hastened (atleast till the primary level) to some extent since the politicians will want that people whose vote will be surety for them are eligible to vote.

We could make the eligibility criteria stricter for people who attain the age of 18 after 2030 by making the minimum education level to 10th standard for gaining voting rights.

I don't know how much of the above idea is practical, but I hope that some wise individual in the government reads this and does something about it. The numbers I have put for the years and minimum education levels are just random and people who would want to implement this can discuss amongst themselves and come up with the right numbers which is practical. My motive was to just explain the idea using the random numbers which is not too bad I guess ;).

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Tigers are in Danger Here

You might be wondering, most of us know that the tigers are in danger, so why am I restating it here. Well, the context is a little different here. It was the IPL match between the Kolkata Knight Riders and the Chennai Super. Shane Bond bowls and Dhoni smashes that low over the long on boundary. There were a couple of people dressed as tigers, the mascot for KKR I guess, and they somehow managed to escape that shot by Dhoni. In comes the commentary, "The tigers are in danger here", the commentator fully aware that Dhoni is one of the ambassadors for Aircel's Save Our Tiger initiative. Wow!! Harsha your presence of mind is truly amazing.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Its not the V anymore, its the A now

I remember my childhood days when cricketing greats used to speak about the importance of playing in the V. If a batsman scores most of his runs in the V area, then he was considered to be technically good batsman. But those days are gone-by.

Watching Brendon McCullum play, the other day againt the Aussies, I was wondering if the V, has been replaced by the A now. Be it Brendon McCullum or Douglas Marillier or Dilshan or even greats like Sachin Tendulkar whose paddle sweep and the uppercut can be categorized as scoring in the A, they have completely changed the major areas of scoring as far as T20s are concerned and ODIs to some extent. I also wonder what Geoffrey Boycott will have to say about this. I guess he would say something like "That's absolutely ridiculous" in that typical Yorkshire accent of his. I am sure that, with audacious shot makers like Sehwag around, it won't be far off when these kind of shots are played in test matches too and I am sure all of us will surely be waiting for those.

Monday, June 22, 2009

It's not Luck

Last week, India crashed out of the T20 World Cup, 2009, without winning a single match in the super-sixes. There was lots of cries amongst the Indian fans criticizing the Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, even burning effigies of him. Then there were some former greats saying "his honeymoon period is over", etc. Then there was this gtalk status message of one of my friend's friend saying that Dhoni has no talent at all and that he is very lucky to achieve all those which he has till now. To all these people, let me mention a few things which I think about Dhoni.

It was not mere luck that he was made the captain, nor was it luck that he won the T20 world cup for us with a young and new team. It was not luck that, his team won the final edition of the famous tri-series in Australia beating the mighty hosts twice. It was not luck that his started the downfall of the Aussie test empire by winning the test series in India 2-0. Yes, Anil Kumble was the captain in that series, but because of Kumble's injury, Dhoni was the captain for the two tests which India won. It was not luck that India won the ODI series against England (5-0) and in Sri Lanka(3-2 in 2008 and 4-1 in 2009). It was not luck that his team won a test after 33 years and a test series after 41 years in New Zealand and remember the second test when Dhoni was injured and India struggled and just managed to earn a draw. Needless to say that India also won the ODI series in New Zealand (3-1). Yes, he doesn't have the technical brilliance of a Sachin Tendulkar or a Rahul Dravid but thats not all which makes a cricketer and more so a captain. It requires a lot of commitment and as the commentators say "You have got to have something between your ears" and he has lots of it. Its certainly not luck. It requires a lot of meticulously and shrewdly thought out plans and self belief to implement them. Remember the 8-1 field against Katich and Hayden in the fourth test of the Border-Gavaskar trophy?

Yes he had a few failures, the Asia Cup, the recently concluded T20 world cup etc. But thats the way it is. No team can keep on winning each and every match. Sport would be so boring if only one team is winning everywhere. So all those who are criticizing Dhoni right now and burning his effigies, this is for you. "Dhoni is the best captain that India has had over the years and by a long way too or may be Dada comes a close second, but others, forget it and also currently, the best wicketkeeper batsman in India".

So Go Dhoni!! Go India!! All the Best for the West Indies Tour!

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Ashes Born !!

In Affectionate Remembrance
5th JUNE, 2009,
Deeply lamented by a large circle of sorrowing
friends and acquaintances.
R. I. P.
N.B.—The body will be cremated and the
ashes taken to Netherlands.

In view of the unexpected defeat of England at the hands of Netherlands, a new ashes series can be started where England and Netherlands can play a T20 cricket series once in two years and the trophy can be named "The New Ashes".

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Forget comes KPL

When the whole of India was going gaga over IPL, MTech students of Computer Science Department of IIT Bombay were thinking of something else. "Why not come up with our own cricket league?", they thought. Thus was born the Kresit Premier League (KPL), a tennis ball cricket league with its unusual rules and short boundries to create more excitement. It had all the ingredients of the IPL. Team ownership, player auctions etc and and and has real money at stake!

The KPL kicked off at the KVIIT grounds today. The first match was between the "Drunken Masters" in their yellow outfits and "Team Pulkit" in their orange outfits. There were not many spectators, the only ones being the tournament officials and some members of other teams (may be just to pick some clues on weaknesses of the playing teams ;)). Though the name "Drunken Masters" doesn't sound serious, they were in some serious business today as they toppled a star studded "Team Pulkit". "Team Pulkit" won the toss and elected to bat. They posted a pretty decent total of 53 in 6 overs. They might even have thought that from there they should win it. But the "Drunken Masters" had other plans. They got of to a flier with a few sixes flying around and they didn't look back after that. They got to their target of 54 in mere 4 overs. Well that would take net run rate to some distance. After that there was a photo session for both the teams and then everybody left to their hostels. Well that was day-1 of the KPL. Tomorrow, "The Undertakers" take on "Team Pulkit".

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My HOLIday

Ever since I left school, I had never celebrated Holi, the festival of colors. After such a long gap I had started disliking it. I had become much more of an introvert than I was in my school days and even the thought of my whole body covered with colors bothered me. But, thanks to my friends here, they had big plans of a grand Holi celebration and they were not in a mood to spare anyone. I tried to persuade them a lot but in vain. Finally, I decided to keep it simple. Since there was a cricket match between India and New Zealand on the Holi day, and it starts early in the morning, around 6:30, I would just go and sit in the tv room and watch the whole match. By the time the match ends, it would be lunch time, and hopefully by then all the celebrations would be over. There was also a mail from the hostel authorities that there should not any celebrations in the corridors, lifts, tv rooms, etc.

But then that was just my plan and like all other plans, it had to go wrong. It so happened that the previous night I got caught up in a novel and by the time I finished, it was already 4:30 am. "OK, fine, I will do a night out because if I sleep now I am not going to wake up before 10:00 am and I will surely be screwed. I have done so many of them in the past, whats the big deal", I thought. But you know its very difficult to keep oneself awake doing nothing. So sleep got the better of me. But luckily I got up at around 7:00 am because of my usual alarm. This was a little surprise for me since I had not heard my alarm for the last year or so though it kept ringing. So after a quick sequence of morning chores and of course breakfast, I came to the tv room. There were a few people watching the match. The Kiwis were batting. I was completely involved in the match, also feeling happy about my successful execution of the plan, and thinking that now I am safe from the Holi colors. I didn't have a clue that the mail from the hostel authorities was just to ignore.

At around 9:30, the first lightning struck. A pair of hands moved along my neck and on to my face from behind. I turned around. It was Pulkit with yellow colors in his hand and I realized I was a dead duck now. I tried to protest saying that we are not supposed to play Holi here, but it was of no use. They also have this unusual style of celebration, tearing off shirts of each other. "At least that will not happen in the tv room", I thought and stayed in the tv room. I didn't want to lose my Adidas t-shirt just for fun. More lightnings followed in the form of green, pink and purple colors. Some of them even tried to pull me out of the tv room, but I somehow managed to stay on.

So far the cricket match was medium paced, with the kiwis hitting a few boundaries here and there. They finally managed a decent score. There was some rain during the end of their innings which resulted in the target for India look more interesting that it actually was. At around 10:45, the Indian innings started. And then, lightning struck again, this time from Sehwag's bat, here there, everywhere. There were intermittent rains (the real rains) too, but the fours and sixes kept coming from Sehwag's bat. "Thunder storm at Seddon Park", I thought. Sehwag reached his hundred in mere 60 deliveries. So it became clear that India will win the match easily and it was around 1:00 pm. So time to have a bath and rush for the gala lunch in mess. Thinking that by this time all the celebrations would be over, I turned around. To my amazement they were all there, Nikhilesh, Abhishek, Nilesh, Pulkit etc. They were also watching the match. "Are they really watching the match or just waiting to pounce on me", I thought. Anyways I had no choice now since I could not miss my lunch. I slowly got up and moved towards my room, ready to run any time in case they attacked. But they didn't.

The lunch was good, in fact, very good compared to the usual stuff they give in the mess. After the lunch, I went back to the tv room to check the score. By that time India had already won the match, and handsomely too. So I came back to my room and had a short nap.

Well, that was my HOLIday. But then it would come again next year. There would be new people, new place and I have to think of a new plan ;).